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Hey, glad you're here.

Our names are Kenyon and Forest, both from the United States (California and Maine, respectively).  We're recent college grads who had to choose: travel or get jobs and enter the "real world."  After 4 years together balancing travel stints around the world with schoolwork, internships, and everything else that comes with adolescence in the 21st century, we packed up our lives, bought one-way tickets to Melbourne, Australia, and decided to see how long we could make it in our newfound freedom.  Almost a year later, we're still going strong with plans to continue on to Asia and beyond.  We started the Travel Gays to share what we're learning and seeing with you.

We hope to inspire you to explore new places.  The world is a big, wonderful place and we truly believe everyone could learn something from time abroad--particularly in such a tense period in history.  Explore our site for travel tips and tricks mixed with the occasional vegetarian-friendly backpacker recipes and messages of positivity and mindfulness.  Once you're done, get out and explore!