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Best Bars | Melbourne

Best Bars | Melbourne

Drinking! Finally, something we can all get behind. But unfortunately, when I'm traveling I usually don't have much money. That means one of two things: I either need to find a place with cheap drinks, or find a place that has amazing decor and atmosphere so I don't feel as bad about spending the little money I have on an espresso martini.

So where should you drink in Melbourne that falls into one of those two categories? Lucky for you, Kenyon and I are very (VERY) qualified to give you recommendations on this very topic!

Iddy Biddy | St. Kilda

The main draw to Iddy Biddy is that for happy hour (after 4pm, I think), they have $5 pints! It's amazing, I don't think I've found a pint that cheap anywhere else. Also it's very dark, cozy, and warm in there. Go early though, it gets pretty busy.

Yellow Bird | Windsor

This place is so. Cute! It has such an eclectic design, great Mexican food on Tuesday nights (go with the tacos), and also a good bottled beer selection. In the summer, they also have really colorful picnic tables to sit on and people watch. Bonus: $5 Tecate cans all the time!

Hawker Hall | Windsor

Very trendy Singaporian-Malaysian fusion restaurant on Chapel Street. They have wine and cocktails on tap here (!) and also have a DJ that plays really good music on the weekends.

Rooftop Bar | CBD

I've been to a lot of rooftop bars in my day, but this one's near the top. And yes, it is literally called "Rooftop Bar". They also have a giant screen where they project movies during the summer. Adorable.

Royal Saxon | Richmond

One of my biggest regrets: not going to this bar sooner when I was in Melbourne. Drinks are a little pricey here, but this bar is so beautiful I would've paid $40 for a beer. Explore both floors, you won't regret going.

Keep checking back for more drink recommendations around Melbourne/the world. If there's two people that you can trust to tell you where the best places to drink are, you can find them at ;)

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